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Sarah Calnon


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Sarah Calnon

With an Honours Degree in Marketing and Management and a previous career in banking and recruitment, Sarah comes to her Assistant Project Manager role with experience, motivation and the confidence of a seasoned professional.

Having worked for TPO since 2014 initially as an administrative assistant, Sarah has gained a deep understanding of projects, clients and processes along the way. Her signature strengths include a sound understanding of business drivers and a strongly empathetic approach. She has an ability to see things from all angles and the tact required to respond appropriately in any given situation.

Underlying her well-honed interpersonal skills is a commitment to robust process. With organisational abilities second to none, Sarah adds tremendous value to any team and project. Detail oriented and extremely capable, Sarah's support ensures projects can continue apace.

Core Strengths 

  • Highly experienced in establishing tailored document management systems
  • The ability to handle large volumes of work with a high degree of accuracy
  • A strong understanding of commercial drivers and their implications
  • HR experience and the ability to cultivate positive workplace etiquette and team culture
  • A high "EQ" - using empathy and emotional intelligence to identify and respond to the needs of others
  • Significant business management experience means Sarah can easily put herself in the client's shoes

In Sarah's Own Words
"Coming into an environment where I can progress my career in a new way has been amazing. I enjoy adding value and taking some of the pressure off senior team members. Doing all those little jobs that need to get done, solving problems and keeping everything turning in the background. It's important, and it's also a great way to learn!"

Key Projects

University of Canterbury - Rehua
Sarah actively supported a team of project managers in the delivery of Rehua, the University's repair and repurposing of its earthquake damaged commerce building. Sarah was responsible for an array of tasks including preparing monthly invoices, minute taking at meetings, collating monthly reports, working with the main contractor in the collation of online O&M manuals via a system called Omtrak. This "smart" system enables the client's management team to run the asset with much greater foresight, responsiveness and efficiency, and providing day-to-day ad hoc needs.

University of Canterbury - Canterbury Engineering the Future (CETF)
Sarah's supportive role has been integral to CETF, the University of Canterbury's new, state-of-the-art engineering precinct. Sarah's role spanned the management of a hugely detailed risk register, to working with client, users and subcontractors across defect rectification works.

Lincoln University AgResearch Joint Facility (LUAgR)
Joining the programme in the design phase, Sarah worked with the senior director to facilitate the design reference group. Comprised of key users from both organisations, the group's input was essential to the design of the overall facility. Sarah documented voluminous feedback on the proposed design into a clear and actionable format. She also provided administrative functions throughout the detailed design phase, contractor appointment and early works.  

Sarah Calnon

Assistant Project Manager (03) 365 4328