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Mohit Golecha


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BTech, Civil Engineering

Master of Engineering Studies, Construction Management

Mohit Golecha

With a Masters in Construction Management and a Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Mohit has always had project management firmly in his sights. His early work experience as a structural engineer gave Mohit a strong foundation in a diversity of skillsets, from performing complex calculations to writing eloquent reports and coordinating tasks and people alike.

Mohit is naturally inquisitive and highly motivated to perform. As a project manager, Mohit brings together theoretical knowledge and big picture thinking in a positive work environment. Very much a people person, he is a highly effective communicator, adept at getting stakeholders engaged and excited.

Mohit's personal enthusiasm is backed by a high level of pride in what he achieves professionally. With a forward looking mindset he gains and maintains project momentum, while ensuring the myriad of underpinning details are defined and delivered.

Core Strengths

  • A talent for relationship building and leadership
  • The ability to read any given audience and tailor his approach effectively
  • Calm, balanced performance in stressful situations and challenging environments
  • Highly structured process design, yet the ability to adapt quickly as conditions change
  • Exceptional technical troubleshooting and analytical skills
  • General willingness and a "can-do" attitude that breeds a sense of positivity across people and projects

In Mohit's Own Words
"I enjoy working in a culture that is receptive to different people's needs. That extends to our clients too. We have the agility to be as formal or informal as desired, using an adaptive approach that makes people feel comfortable and gets the job done."

Key Projects

University of Canterbury - Canterbury Engineering the Future (CETF)
CETF is a state-of-the-art engineering precinct encompassing a central core, supplementary wings, learning spaces and highly specialised laboratories. Amongst these was the construction of New Zealand's largest fire lab. This space alone required a 1.5 m thick strong floor, heat proof light switches and a powerful extraction unit. The consenting, modelling and construction process left absolutely no margin for error, and Mohit's attention to detail was paramount in ensuring the lab was delivered successfully and safely.

University of Canterbury - Rehua
Rehua is a seven story campus building which houses 700 teachers and students. Repurposing an existing building meant repairing earthquake damage to a modern standard, including significant structural and seismic strengthening. Beyond that, a shift in purpose required an entirely new fit out and landscaping. Joining the project towards completion, Mohit provided programme monitoring, site reporting and a range of day-to-day tasks. He also designed a comprehensive defect management process to see the project through to final completion.

Earthquake Residential Rehabilitation, Christchurch
Mohit was part of a team responsible for overseeing the rehabilitation of 200 residential properties in Christchurch post-earthquake. This role demanded a high degree of technical knowledge, as Mohit was often analysing damage in structures built 100 years ago and applying modern-day solutions. Equally important was the ability to connect with homeowners. With natural compassion and care Mohit was able to reassure anxious clients, deliver unbiased reports and outline pragmatic repair strategies.

Kiwirail, Greymouth and Christchurch
Mohit was engaged to assist Kiwirail in bringing together several zones into one operational umbrella. Working across Christchurch and Greymouth, Mohit's role included managing budgets, coordinating resources, asset management design, overseeing "gangers" onsite and coordinating contractors. Gaining agreement between diverse mindsets and working to an extremely tight budget saw Mohit walking a fine line to achieve the required outcomes. The integration was successful and Kiwirail is now benefiting from more streamlined practices.

Mohit Golecha

Project Manager

  • BTech, Civil Engineering

  • Master of Engineering Studies, Construction Management (03) 365 4328