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Jonathon Deaker


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B.Eng. (University of Canterbury)

M.E. (Management) (University of Canterbury)

Jonathon Deaker


Project Planning & Scheduling

Project planning & scheduling is an area of strength for Jonathon.  Having worked on a number of projects where he has been responsible for the project plan and schedule, he is experienced in both establishing the schedule in the design phase and managing to the schedule through the construction process.

Consent & Contractor Management

Jonathon's background in engineering means he has a practical appreciation of the roles and perspectives of consultants and contractors.  He is experienced in working with multi-disciplinary teams of consultants and contractors and understands the consultant lens.  This insight and experience means Jonathon gets the best out of the project team working across the project life-cycle from preparing and briefing consultants in the design phase through to managing teams through construction.

Construction Management

Jonathon has spent a significant part of the last 6 years working on construction projects. Due to the complex nature of the projects and the requirement for a high degree of site management he has extensive experience in on-site management of the construction process and associated risks including Health & Safety.

In Previous Lives

After completing his studies in Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Management Jonathon worked with Meridian Energy on the management of their Waitaki Hydro assets before heading overseas. After arriving in Europe, Jonathon worked for Voith Hydro, a German company on hydro projects in Germany and Ireland for a number of years. Jonathon returned to NZ to be part of the Christchurch Rebuild and Recovery and to be closer to family here in Canterbury.

Client Projects

Turlough Hill Pump/Storage Station, Dublin

While based in Europe Jonathon spent 3 years working on the extensive upgrade of this hydro-asset owned by Ireland's Electricity Supply Board.  The project's initial establishment approach had resulted in a number of planning and scheduling challenges and Jonathon's initial role was to put together a realistic and considered schedule that met the client's requirements but took into account the complexities of international sourcing and supply lead times.  Working with an international team to deliver this project, Jonathon took the lead in managing team relationship and cross cultural issues.

Benmore Hydro Station Refurbishment, Meridian Energy

The Benmore Hydro Station refurbishment was a comprehensive refurbishment project over a 3 year period. Originally commissioned in 1965, the 'half-life' project was justified by a 5% reduction in water use for the same generation capacity, increasing annual generation by 70GWh. Jonathon's role was as project engineer/supervisor for the project overseeing the site and management of the NEC3 contracting arrangements.  Careful planning and schedule preparation meant this complex project was well executed despite a number of technically challenging aspects. The project was performed at an opportune time coinciding with constraints in the transmission system, therefore having minimal impact on  production levels.

Aviemore Hydro Station Spinning Reserve, Meridian Energy

Jonathon successfully managed this critical project to ensure the South Islands electricity supply was maintained during the dry winter of 2008. Due to part failure of the HVDC link across cook straight, in combination with exceptionally low lake levels, the ability to import power from the North to South Island was limited by the availability of 'spinning reserve'. This complex project equipped Aviemore Hydro Station with this 'spinning reserve' capability at very short notice. Jonathon brought together the key stakeholders and achieved an exception result whilst under significant pressure.

Why I Love What I Do

Jonathon enjoys establishing and working with a good team of dedicated people to deliver a common goal.  He's seen the implications of projects that aren't well considered and where teams don't gel and gets real satisfaction from "getting it right".

"Setting a project up properly at the outset, setting expectations, roles and the culture are really important.  It makes it so much easier working through all the inevitable challenges that arise in the life of a project".

Jonathon Deaker

Project Manager

  • B.Eng. (University of Canterbury)

  • M.E. (Management) (University of Canterbury) (03) 365 4328