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Jessica Geddert


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B.Sc – Chemical Engineering (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Jessica Geddert

A driven and determined Project Manager, Jessica is an exciting addition to The Project Office team. With a solid foundation in the construction industry and a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, she brings a unique and valuable perspective to every project.

Jessica's engineering and construction background has given her an in-depth understanding of methodology and process, as well as insight into the challenges faced by multiple parties. Her ability to act as a bridge between consultant and contractor teams is what enables her to consistently drive projects forward, resolving issues with empathy and understanding.

With a sharp eye for detail, Jessica is confident when it comes to technical elements. Her personable approach includes an emphasis on health and safety, quality control and best practice, whilst always remaining true to the overall vision of the project at hand.

Core strengths 

  • An ability to take in a high level of detail when it comes to quality and performance
  • Open to negotiating day-to-day issues while not losing sight of big picture goals
  • Confident leadership skills and a willingness to step back and seek expert advice
  • A capacity to drill down to gain in-depth understanding of stakeholder requirements
  • An ability to translate the needs of multiple parties in order to provide overall clarity
  • Honest and direct communication every step of the way

In Her Own Words
"My role is about bringing the right people together to ensure the best possible outcome. In each project the client is calling on our expertise to assemble the various pieces of the puzzle, in order to create the picture they're looking for. Our job is to take all those moving parts and provide clarity and direction, all the while honouring the client's overall vision."

Key Projects        

Lincoln University AgResearch Joint Facility
In this role Jessica worked in a Project and Site Manager capacity to enable the modification of existing facilities and services. This role required working with a joint facility client, and included facilitating conversations with key stakeholders, coordinating the delivery of staged changovers and ensuring minimal disruption to adjacent facilities. It also required quick and effective responses to changes in scope and on-site conditions.

Tūranga, New Central Library, Christchurch, Canterbury
For this project Jessica primarily worked on completions planning. She worked alongside Christchurch City Council to understand what they required in order to transition smoothly into the new facility, and then translated those needs into concrete deliverables for the contractor. Jessica also managed the design-build relationship with the consultant team, as well as facilitating information flow and key design reviews with City Council stakeholder.                          

Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford, Canada
This project encompassed the replacement and significant upgrade of a state of the art Integrated Mental Health and Correctional Facility built under a P3 model (Design/Build/Finance/Maintain Public-Private Partnership). In this role Jessica led design from the construction side, managing the change process and facilitating the design-build relationship between subcontractors and consultants.

Saskatchewan Potash Mine Projects, Canada
This role saw Jessica managing several simultaneous projects, which included close out of two existing projects and the execution of three others. Working across multiple projects entailed a deep understanding of how the various projects on the mine site were integrated, and how the works involved in each one would affect the mine as a whole. Other challenges included coordinating complex repair logistics and replacing extremely large, heavy duty mine equipment whilst ensuring that the required structural strengthening was put in place.

Jessica Geddert

Project Manager

  • B.Sc – Chemical Engineering (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) (03) 365 4328