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Jeremy McAlister


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MEngSt – Construction Management

PgDip Engineering Geology (with distinction)

BSc Geology



Jeremy McAlister

Jeremy trained in engineering geology at the University of Canterbury, Jeremy began his career with the AECOM geotechnical engineering team. He quickly recognised that his skills and interests lay in high-level thinking and people engagement, so switched to project management just a few months in.

Now an established Project Manager, Jeremy thrives in dynamic situations. Jeremy particularly enjoys the challenges involved in big works, big spends and big delivery. Highly responsive, he is known for his open communication style and strong leadership skills, underpinned by meticulous organisation and attention to detail.

Jeremy's approach is focused on honesty and a preference for upfront communication - in person or over the phone wherever possible. Positive and solution focused, he is passionate about making things happen and delivering optimal outcomes.

Core Strengths 

  • An ability to support and lead a proactive and positive team culture
  • The agility and flexibility to work within forever changing conditions
  • A genuine enjoyment of learning and taking on a challenge, with a desire to keep pushing ahead personally and professionally
  • Strength across a magnitude of disciplines and the judgement to know where the crucial points of focus are
  • The ability to distil complex challenges into clearly articulated steps
  • Experience in coordinating multiple workstreams to optimize delivery and outcomes

In Jeremy's Own Words
"I enjoy seeing people perform, that's what pushes my buttons. No person is ever the same which means that as a Project Manager you continuously have to adapt your approach to get the best outcomes from - and for - everybody involved."

Key Projects

Dilworth School, Auckland
Dilworth is a prominent school of 550 boys in central Auckland with an unparalleled social cause. The project involves three work streams: seismic strengthening, redevelopment of the senior campus and a potential new school for girls. A massive undertaking, Jeremy is responsible for optimising and coordinating delivery, as well as facilitating the process for all stakeholders involved from the board, property trust and school through to the design team and eventual contractor.

Nido Living Retail Warehouse, Auckland
New Zealand's answer to Ikea, Nido Living is a 2,700 sqm multifunction warehouse which includes a large public retail space, storage, offices, mezzanine and café. With construction underway on site, although design was incomplete and there was no clear understanding of the construction method Jeremy joined the project with the challenge to deliver on budget and as near to schedule as possible. Key challenges involve putting a clear structure and process in place in order to move forward in a more controlled fashion while completing retrospective corrective work in order to enable contractors to continue to deliver against project objectives.

Tūranga - Christchurch CentralLibrary
Jeremy spent several years working on this landmark development in central Christchurch. Across the project from woah to go, Tūranga was and remains very dear to Jeremy's heart. As Project Manager, Jeremy's role was centred on supporting the internal City Council management and contract administration for the design and build of this $95 million building. An intricate build, Jeremy carefully managed contractors and stakeholders throughout the process in order to perfect project outcomes. Delivered in a timely manner and slightly under budget, Tūranga is now a thriving part of the Christchurch CBD.

Northwood Supa Centa & Merivale Mall, Christchurch
Jeremy worked to assist the lead Project Manager across a range of projects for both shopping/commercial developments. A key part of this role was to manage the variety of tenants operating adjacent to the live construction environments, incoming tenants and their liaison with basebuild construction, while ensuring regulatory compliance was maintained at all times. Jeremy's role was diverse and varied according to the needs at hand. Working in a post-earthquake environment required careful attention to public communication, stakeholder management and the consenting processes involved.

Jeremy McAlister

Project Manager

  • MEngSt – Construction Management

  • PgDip Engineering Geology (with distinction)

  • BSc Geology 09 218 7977