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Emma Jenkins


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PMP, Prince 2

B. Geology (Hons) University of Liverpool



Emma Jenkins

Emma Jenkins is a dynamic addition to The Project Office team, with a diverse background that enables her to bring a unique perspective to every project. Having worked in a Project Management capacity since 2011, Emma has in-depth experience across a wide range of fields, including environmental consultancy, technical recruitment and healthcare.

As someone who thrives in fast-paced environments, Emma is well suited to her role. Her hands-on, driven approach is enhanced by a propensity for confident and concise communication, and it is always her priority to ensure that everyone on any given project feels heard.

Over her career Emma has honed a sound ability to think on her feet, and is able to capture both finer details and big picture challenges with ease. She knows the importance of developing strong relationships early on in a project, and her empathetic nature means she is quick to build trust and rapport.  

Core Strengths 

  • Skilled in addressing concerns around change by developing well thought out change management plans and strategies
  • The ability to wear different hats, from internal team player to external advisor, planner and manager
  • A strong desire for personal development and optimal efficiency
  • The strength to make tough decisions when required, while also encouraging others to hold autonomy within a project
  • The ability to tailor communication styles to suit a diverse range of individuals
  • A hands-on, solutions-orientated approach that champions people

In Emma's Own Words
"It's the people element of the job that appeals to me the most. People are so diverse in how they respond to challenges, and a key part of my role is managing a range of personalities. Having the opportunity to help people along a journey of change… I find a lot of satisfaction in that."

Key Projects

Kiwi Property Group - Northlands Mall Tenancy Coordination
In this ongoing role, Emma is responsible for coordinating and managing the relocation and fit out of various tenancies within the mall complex. This requires working within tight timeframes and a live environment to manage the design and consent process; working closely with each tenant to understand the specific requirements of their fit out, whilst also ensuring that their contractor and designer are on board to deliver.

University of Canterbury - School Of Law Relocation
This project involved multiple relocations of up to three hundred staff, postgraduate students and teaching facilities into temporary working spaces during building remediations following the Christchurch earthquakes. In this role Emma demonstrated a high level of planning, design and communication skills, successfully translating a long-term vision to multiple parties whilst also assuaging their fears and concerns around change.

University of Canterbury - School of Biological Sciences Relocation
This incredibly complex project involved a staged move of specialist laboratory and research facilities after the building sustained damage in the earthquakes. This role required a high level of planning and communication, and the relocation of highly sensitive, valuable equipment across six floors while the school was still operating. Emma was fundamental to the eventual completion of this project, successfully managing external parties and various delays in a tight timeframe.

University of Canterbury - Facilities Management Building Remediation
During this project, Emma and the rest of the team partially occupied the building while remediation was in action; a unique challenge that was split into three distinct stages. This project required constant communication and planning, as well as managing noise disruptions and temporary working arrangements for staff and students. The project was completed on time and included the successful redevelopment of the original workspaces.

Christchurch Hospital - Oncology Ward Development
As Project Facilitator, Emma was brought on board as part of an internal business development group to manage a major strategic change process to the Oncology Ward at Christchurch Hospital. The aim of this project was to maximise efficiency and streamline internal processes to enhance the patient journey; a task which saw Emma engage existing staff to identify issues and find solutions, utilising process flow management and data analysis tools to help deliver a successful outcome. 

Emma Jenkins

Project Manager

  • PMP, Prince 2

  • B. Geology (Hons) University of Liverpool (03) 365 4328