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Craig Monkman


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BEng (hons) Civil Engineering (University of Hertfordshire)

MSc Management (Loughborough University)

Craig Monkman


Construction Management

Craig's experience of working on large and complex construction projects enables him to understand and anticipate potential issues before they arise. He is able to work closely with contractors to ensure that critical path items are identified and mitigated prior to impacting programme.

Live Environment Projects

Craig has managed several projects in a live environment and understands first-hand the challenges and flexibility required to ensure that "business as usual" continues uninterrupted.

Relationships and People Management

Craig is well versed in managing teams in highly stressed and pressured situations. His calm and logical approach allows him to guide the team towards its goal, without losing focus. This allows individuals to perform within the team and ensures that the client receives the desired outcome.  

In Previous Lives

Craig qualified as a Civil Engineer in the UK and worked as a technical specialist in the procurement and business development department of a large construction company before heading back out to site with the same company. He progressed to a senior site level in the company during his twelve years there, working on major projects and being invited to be part of the company's 'Young Guns' programme for leaders of the future. All this changed when Craig and his wife visited New Zealand on holiday and after coming back again two years later, they moved to Christchurch in 2011.

Client Projects

Lyttelton Port of Christchurch

Craig is currently working with the Lyttelton Port of Christchurch as a Project Manager on a range of Port infrastructure rebuild and development projects. These projects are based in a number of locations, both at the main port and at the inland container terminals. Craig works collaboratively with LPC stakeholders to ensure both project and business objectives are met.

Midland Port, Rolleston, Lyttelton Port Company

The Midland Port project was fast tracked from concept design through to completion and hand over in less than 12 months. Craig began work on the project at the initial stages, working with the consultant team to produce the resource consent documents. Concept plans were developed in conjunction with the project team and LPC's Inland Port Development Manager. Craig managed this tight-knit team to commence construction whilst detailed design was still being developed. Due to the necessity to deliver the project as quickly as possible, Craig chaired weekly design team meetings that resolved any immediate issues to allow the next week's construction to progress. The project was handed over on time, under budget and with substantial increased Client scope.

MWH Recovery, Earthquake Recovery Programme

Craig began his career in New Zealand working as a project manager on the domestic MWH Recovery programme. This was an intentional move for Craig away from his normal commerical project management, as he wanted to help individuals in the earthquake recovery as much as he could. He was promoted from Project Manager to Senior Project Manager to Lead Project Manager in a period of 8 months. Craig then led a team of around 24 people, consisting of project managers, senior project managers, quantity surveyors and administrators to manage and deliver the domestic reinstatement programme for AAI and Vero. AAI's programme was the first to be substantially completed in Christchurch.

Residential Development and Dance House, Ipswich

This large development was split in two amongst the team to allow it to be coordinated and delivered as required. Craig was Construction Manager in charge of the construction and fit out of four residential towers of 21, 17, 13 and 8 storeys in height and the dance studios and main electrical substations below. The building is the tallest in the East of England outside of London. The exposed site and height meant that material distribution, logistics and safety were the main challenges facing the team.

Why I Love What I Do

Craig enjoys problem solving and looking at alternatives strategies to ensure that complications don't get in the way of project delivery.   

 "I love being able to think on my feet and analyse a situation to suggest alternative options that haven't been considered."



Craig Monkman

Senior Project Manager

  • BEng (hons) Civil Engineering (University of Hertfordshire)

  • MSc Management (Loughborough University) (03) 365 4328