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Peter started The Project Office in 2010 having lead project management organizations for over 13 years.  Establishing The Project Office stemmed from a desire to establish a highly personalised professional project management service with a strong team of skilled and experienced people focused on and based in the local market.

"It's been fantastic to receive great support both from clients and industry throughout the first 2 years of business. Christchurch and the South Island are small communities and we really value the relationships we have throughout the city and region. It's great to be able to support local business, particularly post-earthquake as we've all had to re-establish our businesses and respond to the situation."

In Previous Lives

Peter originally qualified as a Quantity Surveyor. He moved into project management 17 years ago and has been one of a small number of professional Project Managers working and leading project management organisations in Christchurch since the 1990s.

Client Projects

The Christchurch Jet Engine Testing Centre

In 2003 the Christchurch Engine Centre engaged Cenco to develop a new jet engine testing facility in Christchurch to test and support servicing of its V2500 jet engines. Peter was engaged by Cenco to project manage the design, construction, supply of specialist equipment and commissioning.

The project required the adaption of established US designs to work with New Zealand design and construction techniques and regulations. The facility had sophisticated technology requirements which required modification for the NZ environment. Peter led the team that developed the design and identified NZ industry partners to design and develop unique solutions for the facility.

The facility was completed late in 2004 and is now established as the designated Master Test Cell for facilities of this type.

The Christchurch Art Gallery

Peter was the Project Director for the development of the Christchurch Art Gallery. Involved from the outset of the project, Peter worked with the City Council and Art Gallery teams to develop a brief for the new facility, establish the feasibility and subsequently through all aspects of the development to the Gallery's completion in 2003.

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St Margaret's College

Peter is the Project Director working with St Margaret's College on the repair and remediation of their campus following the Christchurch earthquakes.

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Areas of Specialisation

Master Planning

Peter has lead a number of Master Planning projects working with clients to anticipate their future property and facilities needs driven from their business strategy. In this role he works with clients to consider their current capacity and utilisation and to consider opportunities for optimisation alongside development and redevelopment opportunities, the outcome being a coordinated Master Plan that meets the future business needs of the client.


Peter has considerable experience of working with clients to manage concept and design processes through feasibility processes. He is experienced in putting together business cases for clients and working with senior managers and governors to achieve project approvals and sign-offs.

Project Strategy & Governance

Peter is experienced in developing project strategy at the outset of projects working across the interface of commercial and business drivers and integrating those with facilities and infrastructure requirements. He is experienced at working with stakeholder engagement processes and resource management considerations. In addition he works with Boards to provide assurance around feasibility, budget and process risk associated with projects.

Peter Chudleigh


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