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Ashton Peters


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BE (Mech) (Hons) (University of Canterbury)

PhD (Mech)




Ashton Peters



Risk Identification & Assessment

Ashton has experience in working on development projects in high risk facilities and environments. In the course of his roles he has developed experience in establishing and managing systems to identify, mitigate and manage risks to personnel, equipment, facilities and the environment.

Procurement Management

Ashton has experience in tendering, selection and management of contracts.  He is familiar with developing procurement approaches to meet a client's unique time and project needs and works with the client to tailor an approach that's going to deliver against the client's critical business and project outcomes.

Project Documentation (Complex Projects)

Ashton's work on large complex projects means that he has developed and managed complex project documentation frameworks.  Working on multi-billion dollar projects Ashton is experienced in working with multi-tiered documentation approaches reporting into Project Directors, Senior Management Teams and Boards.  This necessarily means Ashton has a strong understanding of project programming and scheduling. 

In Previous Lives

Having completed his undergraduate degree and PhD in the mechanical engineering field, Ashton decided to make a shift in career away from the research and technical focus of his doctorate and use his in-depth knowledge to provide an interface between the technical experts and the client.  His move into Project Management in 2007 is the manifestation of that shift and during his time in Australia he's worked on large, technical and complex projects calling on his technical background in his role as project manager.

Client Projects

Facilities Engineer, Wheatstone LNG Project

Ashton was responsible for managing cost, schedule, and quality of highly-specified equipment fabricated by international vendors for a subsea gas project. In this role he developed and authored a detailed construction philosophy used to manage a critical equipment installation risk.  In addition he created and championed a comprehensive technical change management procedure to ensure robust change control between project engineering, vendors and contractors during detailed design and fabrication.

Project Execution Engineer, Wheatstone LNG Project

Ashton played a significant role in the development of the construction phase Project Execution Plan for the entire AU$28B project scope. During this phase of the project he was custodian and champion of the Project Key Decision Process, ensuring appropriate rigor was applied to all key design phase decisions with significant project impact (>AU$100M capital expenditure).  In addition he prepared information packages supporting external Joint Venture Partner project investment that required coordinating input from legal, commercial, and technical experts.

Facilities Engineer, Gorgon LNG Project

Ashton managed, verified and assured the engineering contractor's delivery of a range of onshore mechanical equipment packages, from design through to fabrication. He led the team responsible for framing and delivering a revised concept design for a permanent seawater intake and outfall and coordinated process safety reviews of numerous temporary and permanent utility systems in this high risk environment.

Why I Love What I Do

Ashton enjoys applying technical expertise to address real world issues. 

"I enjoy being able to connect people across disciplines and organisations to make sense of complicated problems.  It's the really fulfilling part of my job."

Ashton Peters


  • BE (Mech) (Hons) (University of Canterbury)

  • PhD (Mech)

  • PMP 021 630 459