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Amanda Batchelor


Amanda originally set out in 2003 as a fully qualified mechanical engineer. Over time she took on more and more project management duties until she made the switch to full-time Project Manager, joining The Project Office in 2014.

Amanda now works across all industries in a senior role that spans programme management, procurement, contract management, engineering design and design management. Highly experienced in the delivery of large and complex projects, Amanda's insightful approach means she can bring multiple stakeholders and parties onto the same page even when conflicting drivers are at play.

With her direct and natural communication style, Amanda builds trust by understanding her clients' objectives, articulating problems clearly and providing genuine, honest and useful advice.

 Core Strengths 

  • Well-versed in procurement strategy with a sound understanding of government rules of sourcing
  • Strong technical knowledge that ensures design teams deliver the best solution for the client
  • An ability to run and establish multiple programmes of work, developing comprehensive overarching structures and identifying ways to add value
  • An ability to see the forest for the trees, digesting large amounts of detail to clearly identify the core issues at stake
  • A pragmatic thinker who can give good advice in a short and sweet manner

 In Amanda's Own Words
"First and foremost I like getting good outcomes for clients. That's when I go home and sleep well at night. I enjoy using my skills to help people see their way through a complex issue, providing them with practical, clear-minded advice so they can make good decisions for their project." 

Key Projects

University of Otago - Christchurch Campus Redevelopment
This project encompassed the planning for redevelopment of Otago's Christchurch medical school campus, following loss of facilities from the earthquakes and aging building stock. Amanda acted as the lead PM, which included briefing and concept design and supporting the teams through the approvals process. Working within a medical sphere kept Amanda on her toes with technically complex challenges, whilst managing multiple stakeholders and end users meant her clear and adaptable communication style was key to delivering high quality outcomes.

AgResearch - Containment Glasshouse
Located at the Grasslands Campus in Palmerston North, Amanda has been responsible for the design and delivery of a highly specified containment glasshouse. The glasshouse supports forage research whilst bringing together science capability to spark innovation in the industry. Amanda has kept the project on track with strong leadership through all phases, from establishing high performing teams to procurement and construction.

AgResearch - Future Footprint Programme(FFP)
In order to modernise their campuses and encourage greater collaboration in the industry, AgResearch developed the FFP. This overarching program of works sees facility updates and research co-location at the Palmerston North and Lincoln campuses. The Project Office was initially engaged to help AgResearch run its program of works, with Amanda playing a key role in the packaging of joint facilities. Now split off into discrete works, Amanda still reports at a program oversight level.

Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC)
Amanda has a long-standing relationship with HNZC, having worked on several large residential upgrade and earthquake related projects for them. Some of her specific activities have included the contract management of multiple contractors to deliver upgrades to over 400 properties in the South Island, and leading a team of 24 engineers and architects to produce damage assessments and costings for over a thousand structurally damaged properties in Christchurch.

Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant - Toe Drain Pump Station
This project involved managing a pump station upgrade on an accelerated timeframe. Once works began, design requirements tripled and previously undiscovered earthquake damage also needed repair. As project lead Amanda employed measures such as implementing temporary and long-term regulatory solutions in parallel, and using a revised procurement strategy to accelerate contractor involvement. Despite the challenges, the project was delivered on time and to the satisfaction of the client and Environment Canterbury.

Amanda Batchelor


  • BE (Mech) (Hons) University of Canterbury

  • ME (Mech) (Dist) University of Canterbury 027 658 8572