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Jenn Bestwick


021 768 812


LLB Hons (University of Trent, Nottingham)

Solicitors Examinations (Chester College of Law)


Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, Chair

New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Board Member

Southern Response Earthquake Services Limited, Director

True colours: Born in UK, lived in NZ since 1989

Jenn Bestwick



Project Strategy Development

Jenn has worked with the leadership teams of a number of clients over the years to help them scope and plan their strategic projects.  Coming from a business and management consulting background, Jenn brings experience from a broad range of sectors which supports the swift identification of client's key issues and opportunities and translates them into tangible projects and outcomes.

Project Direction

Jenn has been in the Project Director and/or Client representative role on a number of projects.  Her ability to align the project progress and deliverables with organizational outcomes and requirements ensures that projects deliver on organization needs both throughout the life of the project and on completion

Organisational and Project Governance

Jenn's experience as a director of a number of organizations means she is well placed to establish the disciplines and processes required to monitor organizational and/or project progress.  Design and establishment of performance monitoring and reporting frameworks is a critical part of the experience that Jenn brings to an organization or project.

In Previous Lives

Jenn spent many years working with KPMG leading their Auckland strategic management consulting practice before moving to Christchurch.  She went on to manage a day surgical hospital before working with Ngai Tahu.  More recently Jenn was working with Environment Canterbury on the implementation of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy

Client Projects

Ngai Tahu - Whai Rawa a tribal distribution and savings scheme

Jenn lead the project that conceptualised and established the Iwi's tribal distribution scheme.  A hybrid between a superannuation and unit trust scheme, Whai Rawa required support from the government for changes to the tax treatment of tribal distributions and consideration by the Securities Commission of its special provision.  The scheme now has approximately iwi 20,000 members actively saving into it.

Midland Health, Well Child Screening Programme - Tamariki Ora

This project was the fore-runner to the national well child programme and involved working across clinical disciplines to reach agreement on the optimal wellness schedule for children under 5.  Jenn lead the development of the programme through to implementation including liaison with the Ministry of Health, health providers, iwi and whanau groups as well consultation with the general public.

Environment Canterbury, Canterbury Water Management Strategy

Jenn worked with Environment Canterbury to move the Canterbury Water Management Strategy from conceptual into operation.  Building upon the agreement between the various parties, Jenn involved working with all of the stakeholder groups engaged in the freshwater debate to develop processes for community engagement leading to the development of water management policy.

Why I Love What I Do

"I love working with clients on projects that are important to their business or industry.  Understanding the challenges they're facing and working with the client to come up with ways of solving or progressing those issues is very rewarding and delivers huge value for the organisation."

Jenn Bestwick


  • LLB Hons (University of Trent, Nottingham)

  • Solicitors Examinations (Chester College of Law) 021 768 812